Building a Free Five Day Challenge with Philip Harrison’s Mastery Academy

Leanne de Araujo
4 min readAug 16, 2021

I’m someone with a passion for learning and also guilty of buying way too many courses for my own good. I’ve even have had to stop myself for time and financial reasons.

However, the current course I’m on has taught me so much about marketing and growing my brand both as a yoga teacher and a copywriter, who loves to journal.

The trainer/mentor for this challenge, is ‘Big’ Phil Harrison, who got his nickname because he is tall and very kind hearted. We were introduced to the challenge by way of a free five-day challenge where he shared a story of a difficult period of his childhood, which resonated with me and left me grateful that I hadn’t gone through anything as bad. It was difficult enough being bullied at school. However, that’s a story for another time.

It drew me in because it was the start of developing a trusting relationship as he had shared his vulnerability at the beginning without turning it into an X-Factor style pity party. He walks his talk by going on to give, give and give more and if you decide to join the course, you get to peer more into his world if you have that curiosity. Guilty, I’m rather nosey at the best of times.

It has, at the same time, been one of the toughest challenges that I’ve encountered, and there are plenty of modules to get through on the Kartra system. I’m talking about at least 100 modules where we’re taught how to produce our own free fiveday challenge using and Phil is great at letting his team take centre stage, and share their expertise including Mark Nicholson for Kartra, James Boardman for productivity, and Kalini Kent for communications.

We’re also given the support of an online Facebook group, and for the times when I’ve needed extra help, Phil’s virtual assistant, Kate Orkney of Velocity VA has gone above and beyond with responding to my emails, which I’ve appreciated.

For those of you who want to learn more about journaling and sharing your thoughts on paper and perhaps online, I’ve designed a free five-day challenge of my own, which I’m running on 13 September 2021, and you can sign up at

I recently noticed that the style of Phil’s Mastery Academy follows the Story Brand method made popular by Donald Miller, and it follows the steps below:

1. The CHARACTER — We all have an ideal person to work with and I managed to make this tough for myself because although the majority of yoga students I teach are female, the clients I write for are mainly men. However, my ideal clients are people who have gone through depression or anxiety, have come out of it, and want to find techniques to prevent them from sinking again. They’re in the 30s — 50s age range and they are financially comfortable.

2. The PROBLEM — The challenge that they have is battling depression and anxiety and feel that they have to take steps to stop them from slipping back into that dark space. They also want support handling their work.

3. The GUIDE — This is where I come in, having gone through depression and juggling full-time work with times when I felt low along with the office politics that can come in. At these times, self-care is even more important though self-care practices such as yoga, meditation and journaling are delegated to the back burner. I would love to help people experience the flow of putting pen to paper and letting their thoughts and feelings release to paper without fearing judgement from anyone else as no one else needs to see what you’ve written.

4. The PLAN — Those interested in working with me would love to continue to feel guided by someone who has been in a similar situation, who can help them stay on track. They would like to feel accountable without it being an extra source of pressure. After all, there has to be a ‘Why’ to keep us going with our ‘How’.

5. CALL TO ACTION — Those interested in the challenge would want to keep going with support, which they will get on a one to one basis and possibly one to many in the format of an online community.

6. SUCCESS — Being able to stay afloat and build confidence and resilience where you have achieved your level of calm and decreased your stress-level and would want to share this with others.

7. AVOID FAILURE — Should you be placed in a stressful situation, which is the nature of life you will feel better equipped to handle it with my support and potentially the help of others who they have connected with.

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